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English Language For Business Service 

English Language For Business Service 

English Language For Business Service 

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This service is one of the best services provided by Passion Company, where it provides courses for the individuals and the Institutions in their various aspired Business areas.

The Courses we provide include a mixture of the Private and General English Language skills in Business.

Through this service, we divide the groups by their levels. We provide an Admission for the Beginners levels to learn the Basic Grammar and Skills, while we provide an Admission of the High-Level Courses for the Higher Levels. The student or the Institution can choose intensive or long-term courses.   

At Passion Company, we have contracted with many specialized International Institutes. The best of these are as follows:

A. INTO Institute:  Based in Manchester, England. Its courses are designed to ensure that the student is qualified and eligible to obtain University Admission at the British universities.

B. EF Institute: Based in London and one of the best worldwide English language Institutes. It helps the student to master English language fluently in no time.

C. EC Institute: Founded in 1982. Its Head office is based in Brighton, and is characterized by its high quality education which has an effective curriculum.

D. English Language Center (ELC): Founded in 1961 in the United States of America. It is one of the best teaching English Language Institutes, and has many branches in 140 countries around the world.

E. KAPLAN Institute: It is a British Institute and one of the best Institutes for teaching English, and has many branches around the world.

F. LADO Institute: one of the world's leading Institutes for teaching English. Its Head Office is based in the United States of America and is characterized by its effective curriculum.

G. ELC Institute: An English-language institute based in Malaysia, run by Australian Staff. It has a distinctive logo (Because We Love What We Do). It is also one of the institutes approved by the Malaysian Government. In addition, it was named as the best Asia's Institutes in 2012.

H. LSI Institute: Founded in 1965. Its Head Office is based in London, and has some branches distributed in eight International Cities. This institute provides several courses that contribute to improve the student's level and makes him master the English Language fluently.


At Passion Company and through English Language for Business Service, we will help you if you aspire to develop your company's Staff English language skills.

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