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   Airport Pick-up Service 


   Airport Pick-up Service 


   Airport Pick-up Service   

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Airport Pick-up Service is one of the complementary services for Providing University Admissions provided by Passion Company.

Passion Company provides this service in cooperation with the University where the Student's Application is admitted.

Our Team will contact the University to ensure they provide the Airport Pick-up Service.

In case the university where the student was admitted provides the Airport Pick-up Service, our professional Team will submit the Application and will followed it up, and provide the university with all the details of the student's Flight. Our team will notify the University of the Student's Flight Date and time, the flight's itinerary, the type of the Aircraft and Airlines.

Our Team then recognizes the Authorized Representative sent by the University to pick the student up at the Airport. Our team shall provide this person with all the required information of the student and accompanies him to the Airport.

Before the Student arrival, Our Team shall notify him of all the signed and contracted Agreements with the University and provides him with all the instructions and rules he should follow since his arrival to the Airport till he meets the University Representative and our Professional Team. 

Passion Company is concerned with the Student's comfort. It aspires to ensure the Airport Pick-up Service in cooperation with the University, so that the student can find all the circumstances to be arranged and available to begin his trip to achieve his dream for obtaining the University Degree.

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